E-Book Collections Pre-K to 8th Grades

AVL Discovery Search: E-Book Resources - Elementary School and Middle School (EBSCO)
Britannica Discovery Library 2015 (Britannica)
Britannica E-Stax (Britannica)
Britannica Illustrated Science Library 2013 (Britannica)
Britannica Learning Library 2012 (Britannica)
Capstone eBooks (Capstone)
Changing World 2015 (Britannica)
Conceptos/Concepts (Britannica)
Discover America (Britannica)
Earth's Changing Environment (Britannica)
Explore and Draw (Britannica)
Gale Elementary eBooks Subcollection (Gale)
Happy Reading Happy Learning with Dr. Jean & Dr. Holly (Britannica)
Let's Talk About Pets (Britannica)
Middle Search Reference E-Book Collection (EBSCO)
Native Peoples of the Americas (Britannica)
New Views of the Solar System (Britannica)
Novels for Students E-Book Subcollection (Gale)
Outdoor Adventures (Britannica)
Playmakers (Britannica)
Primary Search Reference E-Book (EBSCO)
The American Presidency (Britannica)
The Thrill of Racing (Britannica)
World Exploration in Ancient Times (Britannica)