Accessing AVL

Most Alabama users are not required to have an AVL account (i.e. AVL username and password) to access AVL resources. Users accessing the AVL website from a campus (i.e. a public school, college/university, or public library) will automatically be logged in (authenticated) to access AVL resources. For off-campus users, AVL uses geolocation technology to help determine if a user's device (such as a cell phone or an Internet-connected computer) is located in Alabama. If the device is recognized as being in the state, then the user is automatically logged in to use AVL resources.

If users travel, live out of the state, or they were not automatically Geo IP authenticated then they will need an AVL account (username and password) in order to access AVL resources. Additionally, users that live near the state line, users who are accessing the Internet via their cell phone carrier, or users that use a VPN may not be automatically authenticated; these users will need to log in with their AVL account credentials. 

If you don't have an AVL account, you can request one by visiting your local public library. If you are a student, you can request an account at your school library.

Image of the logged in button

If you are recognized as being in the state of Alabama (campus or Geo IP authenticated), or if you have entered a valid AVL username and password to log in,  you will see this icon on the right side of the top navigation bar.

Image of the not logged in button

If you are not GeoIP authenticated, or you are not accessing AVL from a campus, and you have not logged in using an AVL username and password, you will see this icon on the right side of the top navigation bar.



More about Authentication...

The AVL website has a tool that will show you your IP address. To access this tool click on the Login icon Image of the not logged in button in the top right corner of the website and a drop down menu will appear. There is a link in the drop down menu called View Location Information. Click on this link and it will take you to another page (within the AVL website) that will display your IP address. 

Image of the AVL log in window
The AVL login window. 

If you are automatically Geo IP authenticated you will see the Login Authenticated icon Image of the logged in button . You will not need to log in with an AVL account in order to access AVL resources.

Are you having trouble logging in? Please contact the AVL Helpdesk.