AVL Council

The Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) is managed by a governing council consisting of representatives from the following state agencies; the Alabama Commission on Higher Education, the Alabama Community College System, the Alabama Public Library Service, the Alabama State Department of Education, and the Alabama Supercomputer Authority.

The director of each participating state agency shall appoint three Council members to serve as representatives and advocates for the AVL. Each appointment is made for a three-year term. Initial appointments to the Council may have varying lengths of service to allow staggered rotation and terms of service.

The AVL Council meets regularly every other month and the public is invited to attend. Click here for more information on AVL Council Meetings. The Council adheres to a set of Bylaws that are fully reviewed for revisions or additions at least every three years. Click here to read the current AVL Council Bylaws.

Alabama Commission on Higher Education

Ron Leonard (Treasurer) - Network of Alabama Academic Libraries (2021)

Phill Johnson - Auburn University at Montgomery (2023)

Annie Payton - Alabama A&M University (2023)

Logo Image for the Alabama Commission on Higher Education

Alabama State Department of Education

Debbie Turner - Mobile County Public School System (2022)

Cristin Dillard (Chair) - Alabama State Department of Education (2021)

Susan Zana - Alabama State Department of Education (2023)

Logo image for the Alabama State Department of Education

Alabama Community College System

Renee Marty  - Wallace State Community College (2022)

A.P. Hoffman - Wallace State Community College (2021)

Brad Fricks - Alabama Community College System (2023)

Logo image for the Alabama Community College System

Alabama Public Library Service

Nancy Pack - Alabama Public Library Service (2021)

Amy Henderson - (Chair-Elect and Secretary) Oxford Public Library (2021)


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Alabama Supercomputer Authority

Bill Paine - Alabama Supercomputer Authority (2024)

Tyler Carr - Alabama Supercomputer Authority (2022)

Cary Hill - Alabama Supercomputer Authority (2024)

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AVL members are expected to work on various standing committees to assure that the business of the Council is addressed and that state policies are followed. Members may volunteer or be assigned by the chair to work on one or more standing committee(s).

Ron Leonard (Chair)

Jessica Everingham​

Nancy Pack (Chair)

Charlotte Ford

Janice Franklin

Database Review
Brad Fricks (Chair)

Ron Leonard

Legislative and Advocacy
Phill Johnson (Chair)

Renee Marty

Annie Payton

OER Commons
Phill Johnson (Chair)

Brad Fricks

Renee Marty

Cristin Dillard

Annie Payton

Selection and Licensing
Ron Leonard (Co-Chair)

Phill Johnson (Co-Chair)

Cristin Dillard

Debbie Turner

Strategic Planning

Brad Fricks (Chair)