AVL Database Descriptions

Alabama Virtual Library provides free access to numerous reliable online research databases for all Alabama residents.... Click on an AVL resource below to view its description. To view AVL's Collection Policy, please click here.

asp_200_sm.pngAcademic Search Premier provides access to open access (OA) active full text, peer-reviewed journals. Subjects include Businesses, Education, Health & Medicine, History, Science, Technology, and more.

Audience: College & University and General Public

AccessScience_Logo_sm-2.pngAccessScience is provides access to written reference material that covers all major scientific disciplines. AccessScience offers links to primary research material, videos and animations, as well as specially designed curriculum maps for teachers.

Audience: High School, College & University, and General Public

Alabama_Mosaic.jpgAlabamaMosaic (Alabama's Digitization Project) is a repository of digital materials on the culture, history, people, and places of Alabama. AlabamaMosaic's purpose is to make the historical treasures from Alabama's archives, libraries, and museums electronically accessible to all.

Audience: High School, College & University, and General Public

ahw_200_sm.pngAlt HealthWatch is a full-text database that focuses on alternative approaches to health care and wellness. Alt HealthWatch provides access to the latest information on holistic medicine and therapies.

Audience: College & University and General Public

bfs_db_sm.jpgBlack Freedom Struggle provides access to primary source documents related to vital people and events in African American history. Black Freedom Struggle focuses on the different phases of Black Freedom including Slavery and the Abolitionist Movement, The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, the Jim Crowe Era to the Great Depression, the Contemporary Era, and more.

Audience: Middle School, High School, College & University, and General Public

ebc_200_sm.pngBook Collection: Nonfiction is designed for public libraries and provides access to abstracts and searchable full text for thousands of nonfiction books.

Audience: Middle School, High School, College & University, and General Public

bookconn_db.jpgBook Connections provides librarians with access to resources on children's and young adult books. Book Connections provides access to Book Collection and Analysis, Library Programming, Homeschool Support, Diverse Books Toolkit, and more.

Audience: Elementary School, Middle School, and General Public

brit_academic2.jpgBritannica Academic provides access to comprehensive information for student researchers. Britannica Academic contains the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus, academic magazines and periodicals, and more.

Audience: College & University

Logo image for Britannica LibraryBritannica Library combines three sites in one: Children, Young Adults, and Reference Center. Britannica Library provides access to research tools, curated articles and magazines, videos, images, primary sources, and more.

Audience: K-12 and General Public

Original_Sources2.jpgBritannica Original Sources provides access to works of classic, primary source, and general reference materials that cover History, Literature, Science, Religion, and more.

Audience: High School, College & University, and General Public