AVL Website Redesign - 2019

The overall goal of the 2019 site redesign was to enhance and improve the AVL website experience for all AVL visitors.

Graphic showing new AVL website on different devices; phone, tablet, full screen
New Mobile-Friendly AVL Site Design is Responsive to Screen Size

Specific Redesign Goals Included:

  • More contemporary AVL branding and visual design of the site featuring a new AVL logo
  • More intuitive site navigation focused on accessing AVL resources, making the site easier to navigate (especially for younger readers)
  • Improved search capability across AVL databases/resources as well as search capability for content on the AVL website
  • Mobile-Friendly, "responsive" design
  • Improved authentication (access) to AVL and AVL resources using more accurate data sources and updated authentication methods
  • Improved Content Management System (CMS) architecture that provides added functionality and improved methods for adding, updating and organizing website content and resources


AVL welcomes any comments users may have on the new design. Please use the Website Feedback form to provide feedback.

Before & After:

Image of Home Page Before and After
Old AVL Site Home Page (Left) - New AVL Site Home Page (Right)

Old AVL Site Elementary School Resources (Left) - New AVL Site Elementary School Resources (Right)

AVL Site on Mobile Device Before and After
Old AVL Site on Mobile Device (Left & Center) - New AVL Site on Mobile Device (Right)