Resource Summary

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Gale LegalForms

Britannica Original Sources (Britannica)
Drama for Students E-Book Subcollection (Gale)
Gale Literary Index (Gale)
Gale Literary Sources (Gale)
Gale Literature Criticism (Gale)
Gale Literature Resource Center (Gale)
Dictionary of Literary Biography (Gale)
Gale Literature: Contemporary Authors (Gale)
Gale Literature: LitFinder (Gale)
Gale Literature: Scribner Writer Series (Gale)
Gale Literature: Twayne's Authors Series (Gale)
Novels for Students E-Book Subcollection (Gale)
TeachingBooks (TeachingBooks)

Ethnic NewsWatch (ProQuest)
Newspaper Source (EBSCO)
Regional Business News (EBSCO)

AlabamaMosaic (AlabamaMosaic)
Book Collection: Nonfiction (EBSCO)
Britannica Academic Edition (Britannica)
Britannica Library (Britannica)
Britannica School Edition (Britannica)
Encyclopedia of Alabama (Alabama Humanities Foundation)
Explora: Elementary Schools (EBSCO)
Explora: Middle Schools (EBSCO)
Explora: High Schools (EBSCO)
Explora: Public Libraries (EBSCO)
Funk and Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia (EBSCO)
Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford)
Oxford Reference (Oxford)
WorldCat (OCLC)

Britannica Original Sources (Britannica)
Gale OneFile: Science (Gale)
PebbleGo (Capstone)

Gale OneFile: Hospitality and Tourism (Gale)

ProCitizen (Pronunciator)