Due to the continuing concerns over the spread of COVID-19, the AVL Council meeting on July 15th will be virtual.

Due to schools closing over the recent COVID-19 outbreak AVL vendors provided access to additional databases for free to all AVL users. Please see the list below for information on which databases were available during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Britannica E-Books

These e-book resources are available under Britannica E-Stax on the All Resources page.

The Britannica E-Books trial has expired.

As part of Gale's ongoing product enhancements, Kids InfoBits has been re-branded to Gale In Context: Elementary. Gale In Context: Elementary provides access to leveled content that covers topics from art, geography, literature, science & technology, and more. Gale In Context: Elementary also provides access to over 16,000 images, over 600 videos, and 1,700 charts and graphs. Gale In Context: Elementary is accessible from the Elementary School Resources, Middle School Resources, and All Resources pages.

Gale made enhancements to several of their databases, as well as re-branding some of their databases. The chart below matches the old database name to the new database name. Please note that Gale retired General Reference Center Gold. The majority of the content that was available in General Reference Center Gold is now available though Gale General OneFile.​