My location is detected within Alabama, but I can't access AVL resources. What could be causing this?

If you are having problems accessing AVL resources, please try the following:

  • If your location is detected within Alabama, click here to clear any stored authentication data and then attempt to log in via IP authentication on the log in page. This will flush any previously-stored AVL authentication information that may be preventing you from accessing AVL resources.
  • If you are geographically located in Alabama and are unable to log in via IP authentication, click here to to attempt to log in via your device's physical locationOnce you have authenticated via your device's physical location, you will not need to attempt to authenticate via IP.
  • If your location is detected outside of Alabama, you will need to sign in with an AVL account. Click here or click the login icon (located in the top right of the webpage) to login. If you do not have an AVL account, you would usually request one from your local public library or school library if you are a student. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak libraries and schools in Alabama are closed and you may find it difficult to obtain an AVL account from your public library or school. If you need an AVL account, please call the AVL Help Desk at 1-800-338-8320 or 256-971-7487 and receive temporary log in credentials. These credentials will remain valid for at least two months.

If you continue to experience issues accessing AVL resources, please contact the AVL Help Desk.