I reside in Alabama and AVL will not Geo IP authenticate me. What could be causing this?

Are you using a cellular data network, personal hotspot, VPN, or satellite internet connection or do you reside near the state line?
Cellular data networks, personal hotspots, satellite internet connections and Internet connections from neighboring states may pull their IP addresses from outside of Alabama. If you live in Alabama (and you are using one of these connection types) your IP address may be coming from another state. If you are geographically located in Alabama and are using a cellular data connection, hotspot, VPN, satellite internet or your Internet connection is coming from a neighboring state, you can attempt to authenticate via your device's physical location.

If you do not have an AVL account, you would usually visit your local public library or school library if you are a student to obtain an account. Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak libraries and schools in Alabama have closed and you may have a difficult time obtaining an AVL account. If you need an AVL account in order to access AVL resources, you can call the AVL Help Desk at 1-800-338-8320 or 256-971-7487 and receive temporary AVL login credentials. You will be able to use these temporary credentials to access AVL resources. We do not give out temporary log in credentials via e-mail.