How can I access AVL from home?

The Alabama Virtual Library uses geolocation technology to authenticate Alabama residents, which allows most Alabama residents to access AVL from their homes without the need for a username and password.

If you are geographically located in Alabama and geolocation technology is unable to determine your location, you can click here to attempt to authenticate via your device's physical location.

If you are unable to authenticate using geolocation or your device's physical location, you will need to log in with an AVL account in order to access AVL resources. Usually AVL accounts are obtained by visiting your local public library or school library if you are a student. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak libraries and schools in Alabama have closed and it may be difficult for you to obtain an account. If you are unable access AVL resources via geolocation or your device's physical location, please call the AVL Help Desk and receive temporary log in credentials. The temporary credentials will remain valid for at least two months. We do not give out temporary credentials via e-mail.