Expanded AVL Support & Services During COVID-19 Outbreak

AVL Owl with Medical Mask - Additional Resources, Continuous Help Desk Support, Easier AccessWith statewide school and library closings, the AVL is committed to providing extra services and support to Alabama students, teachers and residents during this challenging time...

Additional Resources Provided by Vendors:

Many AVL resource vendors are making additional resources available for AVL users during this time. Look for resources (marked with a red "*") in the resource sections of AVL to access additional temporary resources available during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please visit the Additional Temporary Resources page for a complete list of resources that are available during this time. 

Some resource vendors have provided training materials to compliment their temporary resources. Please visit the Temporary Resources Training Materials page for a list of training materials that are currently available. ​

Continuous Help Desk Support:

As always, the AVL Help Desk is available 24/7 to help with AVL resource access or other technical issues. For immediate help with AVL access issues, please contact the AVL Help Desk by phone at 1-800-338-8320 or 256-971-7487 at any time. (Help requests received via e-mail or the online help desk form on weekends or after regular business hours may not be answered until the next business day.) 

Easier AVL Access:

To ensure that all Alabama students, teachers and residents have access to AVL resources from home, the AVL Help Desk will provide temporary login credentials to any Alabama user who is unable to automatically authenticate to AVL from their home Internet service. Users with access issues are asked to contact the AVL Help Desk by phone at 1-800-338-8320 or 256-971-7487 to receive temporary login credentials. These credentials will remain valid for at least two months. This period may be extended, depending on how the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold.

In addition, the AVL technical support staff have implemented enhanced automatic authentication to AVL with the addition of physical device location services, so that users who are physically located within Alabama, but are unable to authenticate based on their IP address, can choose to share their location and will not need to log into to AVL to access resources.

Teachers who are implementing online learning plans that require access to AVL resources can complete this access request form for teachers to request AVL login accounts for any of their students who may be unable to access AVL resources automatically from their home Internet provider.