Getting Started with AVL

Worth a Look...

  • The Featured Videos section of the AVL site has instructional videos on how to utilize AVL and some select AVL resources. 
  • The Database Descriptions section of the AVL site provides users with descriptions of all the databases that AVL currently subscribes to. Clicking on a resource name will provide you with detailed information on the resource, as well as the resource's target education level.
  • The Usage Statistics section of the AVL site provides users with monthly usage reports for all of the resources that AVL currently subscribes to. 
  • The AVL Archives section contains usage statistics for past AVL resources, previous year's AVL Council minutes, archived AVL materials, and promotional materials from the earliest days of AVL.
  • Check out the AVL Resource Summary to see what resources AVL subscribes to and how they are broken down by topic. 
  • Visit the AVL FAQ section for answers on some of AVL's more common questions.

Get Started...

The Alabama Virtual Library provides all students, teachers, and citizens of the State of Alabama with 24/7 online access to premier library and information resources free of charge. AVL provides access to several types of resources such as Dictionary/Encyclopedias, Literature, Current Events, Animals, Business, and E-Books to name a few. 

Getting started with AVL is easy! Just follow these steps to start using AVL.

  • Select one of the education levels (Elementary School, Middle School, High School, etc.) from the Resources for Alabama menu at the top of the AVL website. 
  • Next, select one of the resources that is available for the education level that you selected. Or, you can search most AVL resources by using the AVL Discovery Search. You can also search resources that aren't included in the AVL Discovery Search by clicking on Search Additional Resources and then clicking on the resource that you want to access. 
  • Once you select the resource you want to access, your browser will take you to the landing page for that resource and you can begin your search.
  • Some AVL resources have integrated search boxes in their informational pop up window. To access this feature, click on the information icon Info Icon.PNG in the resource tile and then enter your search terms into the integrated search box. 


Experiencing issues accessing AVL or any of the subscribed resources? Please contact the AVL Help Desk.