AVL Database Descriptions

Alabama Virtual Library provides free access to numerous reliable online research databases for all Alabama residents.... Click on an AVL resource below to view its description. To view AVL's Collection Policy, please click here.

pebblego_logo.jpgPebbleGo Animals is an animal database designed specifically for K-3 emergent readers and researchers. PebbleGo Animals features nearly 300 articles on animals, audio and video of animals, educational games, and read aloud functionality.

Pebble:Go Dinosaurs features over 125 articles on different dinosaur species, scientifically accurate illustrations, and interactive games, and read-aloud functionality.

PebbleGo Science lets beginning researchers explore the world around them. PebbleGo Science features nearly 250 science articles, activities, science videos, and read-aloud functionality.

Audience: Pre-Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

povrc_200_sm.pngPoints of View Reference Center provides access to content that assists students with developing persuasive arguments and essays, a better understanding of controversial issues, and analytical thinking skills.

Audience: High School through College and General Public

eps_200_sm.pngPrimary Search provides access to popular children's magazines, easy to read encyclopedic entires, and an image collection.

Audience: Elementary School

Logo image for ProCitizenProCitizen assists individuals with preparing for the U.S. Naturalization Test with 100 informative videos,  practice exercises, and quizzes.

Audience: General Public

pdc_200_sm.pngProfessional Development Collection provides educators, professional librarians, and education researches with access to full-text electronic information.

Audience: College, Educators, and General Public

Pronunciator600-x-400_5.jpgPronunciator provides individuals with the tools to learn 98 languages as well as sign language. Pronunciator provides access to instructional phrases, quizzes, structured drills, live teachers, audio lessons, and more.

Audience: All

pubmed_db.jpgPubMed, a service of the National Library of Medicine, provides access to life science journals, online books, and more than 30 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE.

Audience: Medical Professionals, High School through College, and General Public

rbn_200_sm.pngRegional Business News provides access to full-text regional business publications for the United States and Canadian provinces.

Audience: High School through College and General Public