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Gulf Oil Spill Resources

Easy access to more information on geography, animal life, the environment, the oil industry, the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010, and a special Kids section.

  1. Go to Britannica Online
  2. Click Workspace button (at top of page)
  3. Click See a Shared Workspace tab
  4. Type in Workspace name: Gulf Oil Spill 2010
  5. Browse topics, articles, photos, and websites, using the categories menu

Health Risks / Health Effects

Environmental Impact

General Information / News

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 2010

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  • ABI / INFORM Trade & Industry
  • ProQuest Psychology Journals

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SIRS Issues Researcher

  • That’s Debatable – this month’s question relates to the controversy surrounding drilling for oil. It contains links to a results list related to “Offshore Oil well drilling” as well as poll results.
  • Top 10 - #1 issue is Oil Well Drilling. Links to Leading Issue pro/con feature of this issue.
  • Today’s News – Streaming video of current news videos, articles w/ images updated every few minutes, includes coverage of oil spill as news unfolds.

Report Oil Spill Problems: 866-448-5816

Governor's Office of Workforce Development

Career Centers

Governor's website for updates on the Oil Spill

Deep Water Horizon Response

  • Environmental Hotline / Community Information 866-448-5816
  • Assistance Hotline/Boom Reports
  • Vessels of Opportunity (boats)
    866-279-7983 or 877-847-7470
  • Wildlife Distress Hotline
  • PEC Hotline (Specialty Volunteer Training) 866-647-2338
  • Claims Hotline 800-440-0858
  • Medical Support / Poison Control Center 800-222-1222

bp Claims Offices

Phone: 800-440-0858
7 AM - 7 PM

Mobile County
13290 N. Wintzell Ave.
Bayou La Batre, AL

Baldwin County
1506 N. McKenzie
Suite 104
Foley, AL

Alabama Gulf Response

Gulf of Mexico Response

Disaster Preparedness and Service Continuity Plan


Gulf Oil Spill Information Center