Item VIII.A.6.
Alabama State Board of Education
March 25, 1999


WHEREAS, education resources are a vital part of education at any grade or educational level, and Alabama students need and deserve current and credible research information for homework and research assignments; and

WHEREAS, many schools have been unable to fund adequate library resources, and students suffer when materials are out-of-date or information is unavailable; and

WHEREAS, the Alabama Virtual Library, as defined by the Alabama Virtual Library Steering Committee, will provide excellent information to school and library computers in a way that has never been possible before; and thus allow every student in every school- urban or rural, wealthy or poor- to have access to the same information; and

WHEREAS, every K-12 school, two-year and four-year college/university library and all public libraries will access the Alabama Virtual Library; allowing students, teachers and citizens to research topics using simple search strategies to access facts from thousands of full text creditable, published source articles; and

WHEREAS, access to the Alabama Virtual Library via public libraries will provide citizens with access, and enable students to use these information resources after regular school hours; and

WHEREAS, access to the information content of the Alabama Virtual Library requires only Internet connectivity, thereby capitalizing on existing hardware, software, and networks; and

WHEREAS, schools and libraries will not have to maintain expensive local data storage systems or develop CD-ROM networks for their libraries; and

WHEREAS, the Alabama Virtual Library can deliver substantial savings by volume discounts and shared licenses of statewide information databases; and

WHEREAS, the Alabama Virtual Library demonstrates to economic developers that Alabama is committed to progressively furthering the level of education and preparedness of the future workforce, and provides our current workforce with a means to continue their own education; and

WHEREAS, the Chancellor of the Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education recommends this action:

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the Alabama State Board of Education recognizes the importance of electronic library resources, and endorses the concept of a statewide virtual library; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Alabama State Board of Education encourages the State of Alabama Legislature to provide funding for the establishment of and continuance of the Alabama Virtual Library.