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Britannica School (Britannica)

  • Four Age-Appropriate Encyclopedias
  • Current Magazine and Journal Articles
  • Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate and Student Dictionaries and Thesauri (Audio Pronunciations)
  • World Atlas
  • Learning Materials Correlated to the Alabama State Standards
Britannica Elementary

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Encyclopedia of Alabama

Free, online resource on Alabama history, culture, geography, and natural environment

Encyclopedia of Alabama

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Kids Search(EBSCO)

  • easy-to-use and graphically appealing
  • Basic Search screen highlights Topics and includes the ability to search Images or Images/Videos


Kids Search

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SIRS Discoverer (SIRS)

  • interactive reference tool of full text articles, many with images, from 1,100 magazines for young readers
  • resources include Spotlight of the Month topics, The World Almanac for Kids, Merriam-Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus and the Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia
SIRS Discover
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Britannica Learning Zone (Britannica)

  • Interactive Atlas
  • Online art activities
  • Interactive Games and Learning Materials
  • Vocabulary Builders


Britannica Learning Zone

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Kids InfoBits (Gale)

  • Graphic Interface
  • Subject-Based Topic Tree Search
  • Full-Text, Curriculum-Related Magazine, Newspaper and Reference Content
  • Current Events, the Arts, Science, Health, People, Government, History, Sports, Etc.


Kids InfoBits

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  • an animated interface with a dinosaur theme that encourages students to enhance and develop basic search methodologies
  • Lexile limiters (reading level) make it easy for students to read and research only appropriately challenging materials



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